The Simple CenterLine Finder

The Simple CenterLine Finder

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Our most popular revolutionary jig from Luthier Suppliers!! This jig was inspired by the Center Line Finder jig created by Charles Fox of American School of Luthierie. We liked the idea so much, we decided to improve on the jig by giving this jig a complete overhaul. It now works with all thin and large necked instruments including acoustic guitars, archtops, electric guitars, bouzouki's, and classical guitars. 

We added 2 sliding arms that move in and out in exact line with the centerline. When the plastic dowels contact the side of the neck, it pulls the centerline base in tight and automatically puts the center line over the fretboard and all the way to the end of the instrument. This allows you to see the centerline from the peghead all the way to the tail of the instrument. The center line is scribed on the bottom of the jig to avoid parallax issues. We have 2 black 3 prong knobs that are used to tighten it in place for added security. The plastic dowels that contact the side of the neck are very smooth and sure not to scratch or mar the finish.

NEW! A new Bridge Squaring attachment for the centerline finder...this attachment to the CenterLine Finder allows you to lock the position of the bridge squaring attachment using a brass set screw. This attachment is sold seperately or included in the upgraded CenterLine Finder.

Thanks to Jeff Suits who created new attachment and asked us to sell it. A BIG thanks to Jeff! 

Dimensions: The jig is made of 1/4"(6.5mm) thick acrylic that is 2 3/8"(60mm) wide by 34" long. The arms will fit a 2 3/4"(70mm) neck width to a 1"(25.5mm) neck width. The minimum neck length that it will fit is 12"(30.48cm). 

Box contains: The Simple Centerline Finder fully assembled, 1 Simple CenterLine Scriber, 1 Golf Pencil, and one Bridge Squaring and Center Finder attachment. 

In addition to this jig, you will receive a Bridge Centering and Squaring attachment. It is placed onto the jig in the bridge location and held in place by small rubber bands to allow you to center and align your bridge exactly in relation to the center line. If you ordered the upgraded bridge square attachment, it will be included.

Prices include shipping to each country or region. Be sure to select the correct country/region. If your country/region is not in the list, please contact me via email to get a quote on shipping.

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There are 2 main uses for this jig:

1. When attaching a neck to the body, it is necessary to determine if the neck aligns properly to the center line of the body. This usually involves fiddling with a straight edge clamped to the fretboard while trying to line it up with the centerline of the body. The Simple CenterLine Finder is much quicker than pulling out the straightedge and clamps. This jig takes less than 10 seconds to align everything with the center line!

2. When setting up the bridge before gluing, you must align the bridge with the center line of the body and neck. This also takes a long time for setup, but with The Simple CenterLine Finder and Bridge Squaring Attachment, you can have the bridge centered and squared to the center line in 10 seconds!