EXTIRA Radius Dishes

EXTIRA Radius Dishes

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New revolutionary material for radius dishes...Waterproof EXTIRA MDF. This is a new material that we found to be excellent for radius dishes. This material is virtually waterproof, termite proof, and bacteria proof. This is a huge improvement in material, since radius dishes tend to want to curl and warp with any humidity. We have developed the new STAY-FLAT method for producing our dishes that virtually eliminates the possibility of warping. Because of this method of removing the case hardening of the dish, it reduces the final thickness to .80" thick. See for yourself what the best dishes on the market can do for you! 

You can find more information on EXTIRA MDF by viewing these web pages: http://www.extira.com.

We sent a set of these dishes to Mark Blanchard of Blanchard Guitars ( http://www.blanchardguitars.com ) for review, and here is what he had to say:

"These new dishes are great! The curves are smooth and accurate and they are flat on the back, not warped like some other mdf dishes I have seen. I recommend these to anyone wanting high quality radius forms." --Mark Blanchard 

1. We only use the highest quality materials to build our dishes. There is no one out there selling waterproof EXTIRA MDF radius dishes, so you can only get these dishes through Luthier Suppliers. We no longer apply Shellac to these dishes because it no longer needed since these are waterproof. So why take your chances with plain MDF when you can have the best material and the most stable dish available for the best price. 

2. There is no one out there that can beat our price for this quality!

Radius Dishes are used to shape the top and back braces to the radius of your top or back and are also used to glue the top and back on to the sides of a guitar. One of the most useful applications of a radius dish is to create the radius of the top and back on to the sides so that the top and back will fit perfectly with the radius of the top and back, and therefore creating a less stressful joint.

These dishes are round and 24” in diameter. If you order the dish/dishes with sandpaper, the sandpaper does not come attached to the dish. It is a heavy duty pressure sensitive peel and stick sandpaper at 60 grit. Please choose any radius from 12’ to 70’. Our standard sized radii are 12’, 15’, 20’, 25’, 30’, 45’, 50’, and 60’. Please choose the Radius in the Radius box during checkout.

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Shipping is included in the price when being shipped to 48 Contiguous States and Canada. However, if you are outside of these 2 areas, please contact me for a shipping quote before ordering. One dish shipped outside the US is usually around $65 and 2 dishes are around $100 in shipping. These are very heavy and shipping is expensive.