The Brace Maker

The Brace Maker

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A whole new concept in making top and back braces!! This jig is so simple, safe and fast to use, you will wonder how you did without it. 

This design is based off of a jig created by Dana Bourgeois. We have taken this jig and made many wonderful enhancements to it to allow it to work faster and more accurate. This jig will allow you to radius your top AND back braces from one jig. 

During testing of the prototype we were able to make a radiused brace for the top or back in less than 60 seconds, and we did it using a belt sander! With this jig, you can use a belt sander, a hand plane, a jointer, a table saw, or just sandpaper laid on a flat surface. 

You probably wondered how guitar builders get perfectly radiused braces with such precision and quickness. Most use a jig designed to work on a router table. This is not always the safest method because of blow out and the danger of this machine. This jig will give you the alternative to have your friends or family help you make braces without the worry of losing a finger!

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We start with 1/2" thick 13ply birch to make 3 rectangular pieces of wood. We sandwich all 3 pieces together and cut a radius down the middle of the jig on the top and bottom. This allows you to do your top and back braces at the same time by just flipping the jig over. The star knob and see-through plastic allows you to clamp the brace while you are able to see if contact is made in the center of the jig. As you unscrew the knob a spring allows the clamping mechanism to return to its original state. We then round the edges and finish it with a light coat of Lacquer. 

With this jig you can radius braces that have a maximum width of 1/2", and a minimum with of 1/4". We also put big letters on the front of the jig to let you know what radius is on the top and which is on the bottom. We make this jig in ANY 2 radius sizes you want. Just put the 2 radii you need on the check out form after adding to the cart. 

To use it, just put your brace in the center slot and push it down with your finger, tighten the knob and sand, plane, table saw, or jointer it! In less than a minute, after releasing the knob, you will have a perfectly radiused brace. See directions below for more details. 

Dimensions: 22" L x 3 1/4" H x 1 1/2" W