Birch Ply Radius Dishes

Birch Ply Radius Dishes

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There is no one out there selling 13 ply birch plywood radius dishes. Birch ply Radius Dishes, so what, why not just use MDF? Well, because Birch ply will not move as much as plain MDF with humidity changes. Our dishes will outlast any plain MDF radius dish if properly taken care of. When a dish starts to warp, so does the guitar top or back, and you usually do not know this until much later in the construction process.2. There is no one out there that can beat our price for this quality!

Radius Dishes are used to shape the top and back braces to the radius of your top or back and are also used to glue the top and back on to the sides of a guitar. One of the most useful applications of a radius dish is to create the radius of the top and back on to the sides so that the top and back will fit perfectly with the radius of the top and back, and therefore creating a less stressful joint.

If you order the dish/dishes with sandpaper, the sandpaper does not come attached to the dish. It is a heavy duty pressure sensitive peel and stick sandpaper at 60 grit.

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