Ukulele Radius Dishes

Ukulele Radius Dishes

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Because most Ukuleles have a radiused back and flat top, we only offer one dish. Use these dishes to radius your rims and back braces, and glueing your top/backs on in the correct radius dish. These dishes will work with Ukulele sizes of Soprano, Concert, and Tenor. They do not come with sandpaper because they are so small and it is hard to find the correct sized piece of sandpaper. The 3M Gold Stickit sandpaper will work great on this dish. This dish is made with the highest quality waterproof EXTIRA MDF available. They are 12" wide by 16" long and .80" thick. These come in any radii of 15' or greater. For a radius less than 15', please choose the option for Radius Less than 15’ which will add an extra $15 to the cost.

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