Contour Pattern Radius Gauges

These acrylic see-through contour pattern radius gauges are similar to the ones LMI sells. Ours offer a convex and concave side with large numbers imprinted into the acrylic to show the radius, and 2 small holes on each end to allow you to hang it while storing.

These gauges are very useful around a guitar builders shop. Here are some of the uses we have found:

-Verify the radius of your back or top after the braces are glued.

-Verify the radius of your braces when putting the radius on the bottom of your braces before they are glued.

-Draw lines on braces before radiusing the bottom of the braces.

-Make perfect convex or concave jigs from these templates.

-Check the radius on your sides before gluing the top or back to the rims.

-Check the accuracy of your radius dishes or domed dishes.

Concave/Convex See-Through Contour Patterns

Sturdy see-through clear acrylic for many uses! These come in the following radius': 12', 15', 16', 20', 25', 28', 30', and 42'. Concave and Convex on each side. You will need to add $5 for any custom radius not shown.

Dimensions: 23 1/4" L x 2" H x 3/16" W

Price: $22.00 EA(plus $6 shipping)

Usually ships in 2 business days

Shipping price is for the US 48 lower states, please contact me for a quote on shipping outside of this area (When added to the cart, the price includes shipping)


Radius Size

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