The Nut String Spacing Jig

A NEW and simple way to mark your string spacing on your nut before cutting the slots!

This jig was created and used by Edward Victor Dick of Victor Guitar , and Director of The Colorado School of Lutherie. Edward has been building and repairing instruments for over 40 years and developed this simple jig many years ago. We are now offering this nut string spacing jig to the general public.

There are many string spacing jigs on the market now. However, we feel this is the simplest and most intuitive jig on the market.

We start with a special type of waterproof paper, and laser engrave lines onto the paper. These white lines give you the ability to visually see where to mark the nut with a pencil. There are 6 lines on each side. One set for equal spaced strings and one set for Steel String guitar where the spaces are measured from the center of the strings. This is especially useful for strings that are thicker on the bass side and helps to compensate for these thicker strings.

In addition, this jig will help with many types of stringed instrument nut making. For example, the equal spaced strings could be used for a violin nut, or a mandolin nut. Classical guitars and banjo's could also be made using this jig.

To use it, just mark the 2 outer strings on the nut in the location that is desired. Place the nut on the jig and slide up or down until the outer strings come into contact with the lines. Hold in place and mark the remaining strings by transferring the line locations to the nut. Here is a short introduction video:


Nut String Spacing Jig Nut String Spacing Jig

Nut String Spacing Jig

The jig is made from 10 mil TerraSlate Paper. This material is tear proof, waterproof, grease proof and Allergen Free. It is made in the USA and is 100% Recyclable.

Overall Dimensions: 7" Tall x 5" Wide and 10 mil Thick

Price: $19.95 (FREE Shipping)

Usually ships in 1 business day


Nut String Spacing Jig
How to Use This Product

Instructions and use are shown in the video below:



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