The Bridge Pin Spacing Jig

A NEW and simple way to drill perfect and accurate bridge pin holes!

This jig was created and used by Edward Victor Dick of Victor Guitar , and Director of The Colorado School of Lutherie. Edward has been building and repairing instruments for over 35 years and developed this simple jig many years ago. We are now offering this bridge drilling template to the general public.

Drilling bridge pin holes accurately is not as easy as it seems. It never fails that the drill moves just a little while drilling, and it is very difficult to get perfectly aligned holes when drilling. This jig will help you get perfect holes drilled for the most common bridge pin spacing available. It can also be used to make perfect bridge templates. To see video instructions of the jig, go HERE.

Bridge Pin Drilling Jig Bridge Pin Spacing Jig

Bridge Pin Spacing Jig

The jig is made from 3/8" Lucite, a very hard plastic material. The holes in the jig are 3/16" in diameter, the standard bridge pin hole size. We have 6 of the most common bridge spacing sizes available on one template. The bridge spacing sizes are as follows:

2 1/16"

2 1/8"

2 3/16"

2 1/4"

2 5/16"

2 3/8"

Overall Dimensions: 7" Tall x 4 1/2" Wide and 3/8" Thick

Price: $22.95 (FREE Shipping in the US)

Usually ships in 1 business day


Bridge Pin Drilling Jig

For International customers outside of the United States, shipping will be $8 USD so this jig can ship anywhere in the world for $30.
Bridge Pin Drilling Jig(with International Shipping)


How to Use This Product

Instructions and use are shown in the video below:

Topics include:

-Purpose of the jig

-Different uses of the jig

-Drilling a bridge blank

-How to make bridge templates from this jig



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