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To see instructions on how to carve an acoustic steel string neck using one of our templates click this button:

Steel String Guitar(Archtop/Flat-top)
Item Number Nut Width Scale Length Model Comments Payment
S1.257 1.257 22.50 1930 Martin® Tenor Similar to, but slightly bigger than most tenor banjo necks
S1.338 1.338 22.50 1966 Martin® 8 String Tenor A rare example, could also be used as an octave mandolin
S1.639 1.639 25.25 1999 Ovation® Celebrity A very slim neck popular amongst people who play mostly electric guitars
S1.690 1.690 24.75 1945 Martin® 000-18 A shorter scale length and thicker than a similar period OM
S1.692 1.692 25.50 2005 Collings Archtop Narrow and slim with a slight V shape
S1.693 1.693 24.75 1940 Martin® 000-28 Narrower but thicker than its modern equivalent
S1.694 1.694 25.25

1982 Ovation® Balladeer Model 1617

Similar to S1.639 but a bit bigger all the way around
S1.700 1.700 25.50 2006 Collings D1 Similar in width to a modern Martin but slightly thicker and more V shaped
S1.708 1.708 25.40 2006 Martin® HD-28 The modern standard for bluegrass
S1.719 1.719 25.40 2004 Steve Anderson Archtop Distinctly asymmetrical
S1.720 1.720 24.75 1956 Gibson® J-45 A fairly narrow semicircular neck, particularly good for bar chords
S1.725 1.725 25.50 2005 Maton ™ EBG808 T. Emmanuel Works well for Tommy, who has his action set very low with no neck relief
S1.731 1.731 24.75 1955 D'Angelico New Yorker A very strong radius on fingerboard makes it excellent for bar chording
S1.741 1.741 25.4 1935 Martin ® D-18 Similar to, but thicker and wider, than its modern equivalent
S1.751 1.751 25.40 2001 Martin® D18VS 12 Fret Strong V shape with wide string spacing at the bridge
S1.755 1.755 25.70 2004 Ryan Cathedral Grand Fingerstyle A good example of what modern finger style players prefer
S1.758 1.758 25.50 1997 Taylor® Jumbo Cutaway A good generic neck, comfortable with a variety of playing styles
S1.760 1.760 25.40 1930 Martin® OM The holy grail of finger style guitars with a very slight V shape
S1.762 1.762 25.40 2006 Martin® OM A stronger V shape than its predecessor
S1.768 1.768 25.50 2006 Taylor® Grand Concert A popular guitar and an even more popular neck
S1.770 1.770 25.50 2006 Goodall™ KCJC Slightly wider than most at the bridge
S1.771 1.771 25.50 2006 Collings OM Rounder profile than the Martin™
S1.776 1.776 25.50 2006 Goodall™ Grand Concert Slightly wider and slimmer than S1.770
S1.787 1.787 25.00 2006 Goodall™ THR-000 12 Fret A touch wider than most Goodall's™ with a shorter scale
S1.825 1.825 25.40 2006 Victor Model I Wider than most at the nut; particularly good for modern finger style
S1.830 1.830 24.75 1990 Santa Cruz™ F Fairly thick and wide neck good for those with extra large hands
S1.866 1.866 24.75 1922 Martin® 0-28 A typical Martin neck just before the advent of truss rods
S1.875 1.875 25.50 2002 Larivee® 12 String One of the slimmest 12 string necks on the market
S1.883 1.883 25.00 1892 Martin® 0-21 The strongest V shape in the entire collection, great if you like to fret the bass string with your thumb
S1.885 1.885 25.50 1996 Taylor® 12 String Model 655 A touch wider than the Larivee at both the nut and the bridge
Classical Guitar
Item Number Nut Width Scale Length Model Comments Payment
C48.0 48.0mm 647mm 2004 Taylor® NS-42CE Slim D shape, hybrid electric nylon string
C50.0 50.0mm 650mm 2006 EVD Pearl Model Rounder than the Taylor, with similarly radiused fingerboard, hybrid jazz classical
C51.6 51.6mm 630mm 1958 Goya Short scale, very slightly radiused fingerboard, good for small hands
C51.7 51.7mm 655mm 1968 Antonio Marin Flamenco Thinner and narrower than most concert classicals; this guitar was originally owned by Paco de Lucia
C52.0 52.0mm 650 2006 EVD Concert Classical Slimmer and rounder than most concert classicals, very slightly radiused fingerboard
C52.73 52.73mm 650mm 1999 Robert Ruck Traditional D shape, flat fingerboard
C53.2 53.2mm 665mm 1969 Ramirez Concert Classical Big neck with an extra long scale for big hands - it worked for Segovia
C53.3 53.3mm 650mm 2002 German Vasquez Rubio Another big neck but with a rounder profile and a normal scale by one of Mexico's premier luthiers
C58.0 58.0mm 650mm 2005 EVD 7 String Extra bass string, string spacing similar to his Pearl Model
C68.0 68.0mm 650mm 2002 EVD 8 String Extra treble and bass string, with slightly narrower string spacing than his 7 string
C80.0 80.0mm 650mm 1985 EVD 10 String Humongous neck, bass strings are tuned diatonically like a theorbo and rarely fretted
Mandolin, Mandola, Banjo, Ukulele, etc.
Item Number Nut Width Scale Length Model Comments Payment
B1.187 1.187 26.375 1974 Gibson® Mastertone Banjo 4 neck contours @ frets # 1, 4, 5, & 15  - excellent example of a traditional bluegrass banjo
B1.197 1.197 26.375 1994 Gibson® Mastertone RB-4 Banjo 3 neck contours @ frets # 1, 5, & 15 - slightly bigger all the way around than B1.187 for a more contemporary feel
B1.300 1.300 26.125 1998 Bart Reiter Tubaphone banjo 4 neck contours A frets # 1, 4, 5, & 14 -excellent example of a modern clawhammer style banjo
M1.088 1.088 13.875 1923 Lloyd Loar Gibson® F-5 Narrow by modern standards with an almost flat fingerboard
M1.131 1.131 13.875 1984 Monteleone™ Grand Artist F-5

Thinner than the Loar with a strongly radiused fingerboard

M1.133 1.133 13.875 2006 Collings F Wider string spacing @ the bridge than the Loar, radiused fingerboard
M1.145 1.145 13.875 1988 Gibson® F-5 Stronger V shape than the Loar with slightly wider string spacing, radiused fingerboard
M1.202 1.202 16.600 1984 Steve Anderson Mandola Significantly wider string spacing @ the bridge and rounder than a Gibson
M1.226 1.226 13.875 1918 Gibson® A-4 Very strong V shape and flat fingerboard
M1.232 1.232 26.375 2004 Trinity College™ Bouzouki Flat fingerboard, extra long scale
M1.295 1.295 25.400 1999 EVD Octave Mandolin Radiused fingerboard, wider string spacing than the Trinity College version
M1.350 1.350 15.750 1917 Gibson® H-4 Mandola Wider @ the nut but narrower @ the bridge than the Anderson, V shape


U1.360 1.360 16.875 1973 Martin® Tenor Ukulele  
U1.424 1.424 13.625 1947 Martin® Soprano Ukulele  
U1.425 1.425 14.750 1938 Martin® Concert Ukulele  
Electric Guitar
Item Number Nut Width Scale Length Model Comments Payment
E1.585 1.585 29.88 1965 Hofner® Beatle Bass Much shorter scale and narrower than a Fender, good for small hands
E1.640 1.640 25.50 2000 Tom Anderson Stratocaster® A touch narrower and thinner than most Fenders
E1.652 1.652 25.50 1960 Fender® Stratocaster® Considered by some to be the most versatile neck ever made
E1.660 1.660 25.50 1969 Fender® Telecaster® Thicker than most Strats, especially at the nut end
E1.687 1.687 24.50 2005 Gibson® Les Paul ® Rounder profile than a Fender, with a shorter scale
E1.695 1.695 24.60 1992 Gibson® ES335 More D shaped profile than a Les Paul
E1.700 1.700 24.60 2005 Gibson® SG Similar to a Les Paul but a touch wider
E1.706 1.706 25.50 2002 Jackson™ SL2H Soloist Very thin and flatter on the back than a Fender™
E1.720 1.720 25.50 1957 Gretsch™ Country Gentleman Bigger all around than most electrics, a true acoustic/electric























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